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Fly Tipping in Jessie's Wood

30 September 2018

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On Wednesday 12th of September someone dumped a big load of rubbish in Jessie’s wood. There were three mouldy mattresses, an old fridge, a lavatory cistern, numerous black bin liners full of rubbish, a load of plywood and kitchen unit fronts, among other things. 

It was dumped sometime during the day as it was not there in the morning but was there in the late afternoon. The person/people responsible probably had a truck.

Did you see anything suspicious? Know where it might have come from?

Jessie’s wood is a very special place; not just to our family but to walkers and riders who enjoy its calm beauty.


We would hate to be forced to enclose it because of this selfish and anti-social behaviour. 


We would like to thank Andrew Stringer our amazing Councillor for his help, especially for arranging for its removal.

Joy and Geoff Homan