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Healthwatch Suffolk calls for your stories of care in the county

1 April 2016

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Healthwatch Suffolk has the power to shape, influence and improve local NHS and social care services in the county. It is independent from the NHS and social care, which means you can be honest when sharing your views.

It has launched a new campaign called “#NHSSelfieStars” for obtaining feedback from people about their use of local health and social care services. It wants to celebrate what is good about services and highlight where things could be better.

The state of the current health and care economy means that it has never been more important to share your views about local services; even if you don’t think it will make a difference. The watchdog hopes that this campaign will encourage people to share their stories so that it can help health and social care professionals understand the views and experiences of people using their services and feed them into ongoing plans to change the way your services are delivered.

Healthwatch Suffolk is asking people to share a “selfie” and a story of NHS care in Suffolk so that it can highlight your experiences. All of the stories will be added to the growing volume of data the watchdog has already gathered from local people and used to hold services to account. You can share your selfie and story with Healthwatch Suffolk on Instagram (use #NHSSelfieStars) or by email to info@healthwatchsuffolk.co.uk.

It is always possible to share your experiences anonymously with Healthwatch Suffolk. You can visit www.healthwatchsuffolk.co.uk/services, where it is possible to rate and review your experience within any health or social care service in the county. Alternatively, please call 01449 703949 to speak with a member of the Healthwatch team.