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Pop Up Gallery

9 May 2021

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Pop-Up Gallery


In February 2021, in the absence of village events, and a rather sad parish noticeboard full of old flyers,  Melinda started a pop-up gallery to showcase the work of artists, writers and crafters in the village. With the help of the Crafternoon group, especially Jocelyn and Harriet, we managed for two months to curate a weekly display changing every Friday to give people a focus for their daily walk.


Each display included poetry, paintings, photography, textiles, needle-felting and mosaics. The pop-up continued for two months culminating in a bigger display over the weekend when we also welcomed contributions from some younger members of the village and took over a window inside the hall.


Very grateful thanks to all those who contributed every week:

Watercolours:        Harriet Bowes & Jerry Bassett
Photographs:        Melinda Appleby & Harriet Bowes
Mosaics:                Rosemary Bassett
Textiles:                 Jocelyn Bryant & Verity Franklin
Needle-felting:    Rosemary Bassett
Poetry:                  Melinda Appleby


Some of their work featured in the Easter display together with work from Liz Davidson and Louise Reinders,  Ethan, Sienna and Tobias Wright and Presley and Isabella Dee.

We all hope people enjoyed looking at and reading the selection and maybe will miss us a little when the display ends.
Thanks to the Parish Council and the Village Hall Committee for the loan of the notice board and windows.


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