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Joint Local Plan

Our Local Council (Mid Suffolk) are in the process of forming a development plan that will define the parameters for building and development in our county for the next 10 to 20 years. 

These plans are required by central government in order to structure the development in every area of the country.  Central Government places demands on every county and city, that they should build and develop an agreed number of dwellings and infrastructure to meet the ever growing demand for housing. 

It is imperative that our local and regional plan be agreed and implemented as soon as possible in order that future development can be controlled and to give the planning authorities guidelines as to what we feel is appropriate.  

The process started summer of 2017 and is currently ongoing. This page will provide access to documents and links to documents as they become available.  Please click on the dates to bring up the PDF documents.


Minutes of Parish Meetings

2017 09 11

2017 10 09

2017 10 30


Minutes of working parties

2017 09 25

2017 10 23