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Hall & Equipment Hire

Wickham Skeith Village Hall Hire Rates

From the 1st October 2015 new conditions and a simplified schedule of rates will come into effect for hiring the village hall. These changes bring hiring our village hall in line with the conditions and rates of similar facilities in the area and reflect the energy efficiency improvements carried out earlier this year. For the future, hire conditions and rates will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Hire Rates: (as from 1st October 2015)

Hourly rate: £8.00 The rate is per hour or part thereof. Minimum booking period is 2 hours

Day rate (24 hour period): £85.00

25% reduction in rate for Wickham Skeith residents and Wickham Skeith village groups and organisations

Official bodies (e,g, elections):   £200.00 per day

A 30minute "warming up" period will be allowed in cold weather conditions.

There will be an additional charge at cost for licensable events.

The cost of hire of hall equipment for use outside the hall remains unchanged at present.


Village groups — eg Hilltop, History, Lunch Club, FOSA no charge for hire but please replace/refund any breakages.

Other Groups and Private Hire

Cups and Saucers                                   £5                                                                                     Glasses                   £5

Plates                                                                           £5                                                                                      Cutlery                     £5

Plastic stacking chairs                       £5 for 20                                                                  Large tables     £5 for 2

Card tables                                                     £5 for 4                                                                    Bunting                     £5

Urn and teapots                                           £5

Invoices for regular users will be sent out at quarterly intervals until further notice.

Other invoices will be sent out as soon as possible and should be paid within one month


Gill Colchester  Telephone 01379 788040 or Mobile 07850 641233

Email. gillyano@live.co.uk