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~ V I L L A G E   H A L L   C O M M I T T E E   N E W S  ~





For those of you who have used the Village Hall in the last month you will have noticed 'stuff' lying about inside because of the work in the store room. It has now been insulated, lined, plastered and painted by the hardy gang of Dave, Leigh and Nigel and everything should be stored away properly by the time you receive this Newsletter. The works are designed to ensure we do not lose heat from the main hall and stored materials are better protected. The monies raised by the 59 Club-thank you Jeanne for organising that fundraiser-have been used to pay for this work as well as additional new chairs in the hall.


There are now two drop down projector screens, one at each end, so that users who wish to have films, pictures or project information for meetings can do so more successfully. These have been paid for through the monies made available by Andrew Stringer our Councillor. Thank you to him for that support.

A small team also re-felted the roof of the shed as there was ingress from a water-leak on one side. We also have guttering to empty and hedging to cut back in the coming weeks.


The inaugural meeting of the Crafternoon was considered a success with about a dozen people spending a couple of hours working on their crafting projects and a few people popping in to see what was going on and becoming involved too! The next meeting of this group will be on Saturday 10th November from 2-4:30pm with tea and biscuits available too as well for participants and visitors.


The children's Halloween Party will have taken place over this last weekend and thanks to Denise and team for the hard work that goes in to making this a success every year.



November Craft Fair on Saturday 17th November with a running time of 12 'till 4pm with lots of exciting stalls and refreshments too-hot soup an extra attraction this year!

Nigel's Village Quiz takes place on its traditional day of the first Saturday of December which this year is December 1st. Please book yourself in either alone, a family or as a table of six, as this is always a very popular evening's entertainment. A range of subjects to be answered, the bar and food during the evening as well as a challenge to see if what you think you know is right!

Children's Christmas Party on Saturday 15th December. Booking will be necessary so Santa can bring the right gifts with him when he comes. More details next month.

Plum Pudding Walk is on Thursday 27th December and we hope that as many people as possible-with or without dogs!-will come along and join in the footpath walks, pre-walk mulled wine and post walk hot soup and bread. Timings and cost will be published nearer the date but book it into your diaries or calendars please.

Summer Fete 2019 is on Saturday 22nd June. An initial meeting of interested, helping, contributing people will be held to discuss theme, activities and ideas very soon please keep on the lookout for date and time and come along if you can.

Special thanks this month to Dave Challinor for his sterling work through the summer months keeping the grass around the Village Hall cut and tidy and doing lots of other little jobs that mostly go unseen but help keep the building and surrounds in good order.



49/59 Club

This month's winning numbers - 27  05  38  49




Village Afternoon Tea and Chat

An informal gathering for tea and biscuits. Open to all, young and old; dogs welcome too. Afternoon tea at the village hall happens every Wednesday from 2-4pm except Lunch Club days. As much tea/coffee as you can drink for only £1.



All bookings of the Village Hall and its equipment should go to:

Denise Alexander, 9, Grange Road, IP23 8NE. Telephone 01449 767838 or Email

Hourly rate: £8.00 The rate is per hour or part thereof. Minimum booking period 2 hrs.

Day rate (24 hour period): £85.00. 25% reduction in rate for Wickham Skeith residents and Wickham Skeith village groups and organisations. Official bodies (e.g. elections): £200.00 per day. A 30 minute "warming up" period will be allowed in cold weather conditions.