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As I write this on 20th June, I am aware that it would have been Fete day in Wickham Skeith! Normally a big day in the village calendar and an important fundraising event for the hall. Currently, advice regarding the management of Village Halls seems to be changing daily and the committee need to consider their options. As July and August are normally quiet months, and whilst distancing is still an issue, the management committee has decided to keep the hall closed until 1st September.


In the meantime we are proposing to have a Scarecrow Competition running from 11th to 18th July. You will need to make a scarecrow and set it outside your house so that it can be seen from the road all the time during those dates. It can be any size but must take a human shape and there will be a nice prize for the winner.


Please let me know that you have entered (free) so that we do not miss you when we come round judging. Email nhmerriam@btconnect.com  or phone 766222 or text 07889692328.


You may know that the Newsletter has always been produced by the Village Hall committee. Advertisements help towards the printing costs but it still leaves around £500 per annum to find. If anyone would like to make an anonymous contribution towards this expense, please let me know.


Nigel Merriam   766222






Answers to the June Newsletter quiz:  World capitals:


1. Copenhagen, Denmark, 2. Sarajevo, Bosnia & H, 3. San Salvador, El Salvador, 4. Luxembourg, 5. Santiago, Chile, 6. New Delhi, India, 7. Singapore, 8. Windhoek, Namibia, 9. Yerevan, Armenia, 10. St. George’s, Grenada,

11, Cairo, Egypt, 12. Colombo, Sri Lanka, 13. Doha, Qatar, 14. Athens, Greece, 15. Manila, Philippines, 16. Dublin, Ireland, 17. Bridgetown, Barbados, 18, Canberra, Australia, 19. Bratislava, Slovakia, 20. Manama, Bahrain.


Winners, drawn from those submitting the correct answers: Vic and Sue Hollis.


We will give your brains a rest over summer.





Thanks to Dave for keeping the Hall looking tidy. We hope to return soon and wine and beer is in the fridge ready for when we start again.



Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! There isn't any!

Hopefully we can look forward to a bumper Flower, Produce and Craft Show at the end of the summer!!! I am certain that lots of people are finding solace in their gardens and greenhouses. Good luck with your growing - good to see people sharing/selling off their extra plants. Well done. And I am certain that Nigel will have a quiz round for us in December based on self-isolation!





The Village Hall is closed until further notice but we will open again as soon as we can. Please keep an eye on the Village Website which provides information for us all. The costs of the Village Hall continue even though we can't use this great village resource. We are in the fortunate position that, each week, many people take part in the Lottery Bonus Number, run by Jeanne Mason, which will continue to bring in some funding and there is an amount in the bank account too. Hopefully no problems with us keeping running!!

Thanks to Dave Challinor for keeping the outside area looking tidy for us. It is much appreciated! Take Care and Keep Safe


Wickham Skeith Village Hall Management Committee – Chair’s Report.

Our AGM was cancelled but I wanted to thank all those who have helped us with activities over the last 12 months.

We enjoyed a successful Fete, raising over £2600 - once again ably led by Katie Durrant and her team. Our thanks also go to all those incredibly loyal friends and neighbours who turn up to help before, during and after the event as well as those who come along to enjoy meeting old friends.

The annual table tennis tournament in March 2019 was a success with 18 players competing. Seb and Caz organized a really enjoyable sports evening on the Green in July and Kevin stretched us all with his Music Quiz. The highlight of the year, inside the hall, must have been the Harvest Horkey. Despite a couple of logistical hitches, Sam Mulgrew and her team worked tirelessly, both in preparation and on the night, to give us a great evening in a fantastically decorated hall. The Produce Show was held in August organised by Rosie and Carol. Denise and her team had big turnouts in both the Halloween and Christmas parties for the children. We did a live screening in the hall of the World Cup Rugby Final. In November, the Hall hosted the Craft fair and Jos and Verity have successfully initiated a crafternoon which takes place once a month. In December the Hall was packed for the annual quiz. Nearly 40 adults and children managed 4 miles on the Plum Pudding walk. The hall is regularly used by the Lunch Club, the Church, Hilltops and private hire for Tai Chi and Yoga groups as well as Tea and Chat on a Wednesday.

The hall management committee have been giving serious consideration to enlarging and modernising the kitchen. The Lunch Club committee are very keen that this should be given serious consideration. Further discussion is to take place and we are keen to hear the views of the parish.

My thanks to all who have helped, in particular Kevin, running the bar, and Dave Challinor who helps maintain the place as well as cutting the grass. I want to thank Denise Carle, our caretaker and bookings secretary, Jocelyn Bryant (secretary) and Harriet Bowes, our Treasurer, as well as the rest of the committee.  We have a good working group, but could always benefit from more assistance.

Of course, the hall is now closed until further notice and the cancellation of the Fete will severely hit our income. We are obliged to keep an amount of money in reserve for contingency, which we have, and we are fortunate to have the 49/59 Club that raises money each month. We look forward to the hall being open again! NM. March 2020








It is with great pleasure that the Parish Council announce that Wickham Skeith now has a Defibrillator.  You may well have seen the yellow defibrillator cabinet on the wall of the village hall.  Should you need to call for an emergency ambulance for someone who has collapsed with a suspected heart attack, they will tell you the code to enter into the keypad to access the defibrillator. 


The Parish Council is currently looking at training providers and, once organised, there will be a list of training sessions published that will be free for people to attend.  There will also be an opening ceremony for our Wickham Skeith Defibrillator - more details to follow.


The Parish Council thanks Cllr Freeman and all those involved with fund raising events, enabling the launch of this project.





The hedge around the carpark has been cut back and dead wood cleared, the store will be 'painted' and we hope to find a way to improve the kitchen through, perhaps, a render on the outside to help insulate it. Finally congratulations to the Lunch Club for another FIVE STARS and all users should note that it is important that we try to maintain the hall and facilities at a high standard but need everybody’s help to do this. Please report any breakages or shortages to Denise after use and we will endeavour to rectify them quickly.


Happy Springtime to you all-get those seeds and plants in now for the best display at the Show on August Bank Holiday!!






Village Emails:


Many of you will already receive emails from Nigel Merriam giving details of up and coming events in the village. If you are not already receiving them but would like to, please email Nigel at nhmerriam@btconnect.com They are sent as a blind carbon copy so your email remains private.







All bookings of the Village Hall and its equipment should go to:

Denise Carle, 9, Grange Road, IP23 8NE. Telephone 01449 767838 or Email denise.alexander63@yahoo.co.uk

Hourly rate: £8.00 The rate is per hour or part thereof. Minimum booking period 2 hrs.

Day rate (24 hour period): £85.00. 25% reduction in rate for Wickham Skeith residents and Wickham Skeith village groups and organisations. Official bodies (e.g. elections): £200.00 per day. A 30 minute "warming up" period will be allowed in cold weather conditions.