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Village Hall News


We hope that you all had a good festive holiday although it has now faded into the background a little. It was great to see the Village Hall being used by so many groups and organisations and for diverse reasons too. 

The children's party was another great success-Thanks to Denise and her team. The Quiz as usual went well; the Plum Pudding walk was enjoyed by a good sized group again this year and the soups much appreciated.


We do not have any activities organised by the Committee in February so our next event is the Table Tennis Tournament on 21st March. We hope to run a Junior competition on Friday 20th March with simplified rules and a handicap arrangement to take account of different ages. This will be from 6pm and parents need to be with their child/ren. Anybody can come along and use a spare table for practice as they become available during the evening. This will be a 'short' evening of no more than two hours-so finishes at 8pm. The final will be played on Saturday evening as the opening event of the adult tournament which again begins at 6pm. More details to follow.


The AGM will of course be coming up soon and we hope to have information available for our next stage of developments for the Village Hall.


Tree Work on the Green


The remains of the fallen bough lie on the Green but will be cleared in February. It looks as though the pollarding work on the tree will have to wait until next year as the area is far too wet to get the teleporter on to help us safely remove the upper parts of the trunks. Thank you for your understanding






It is with great pleasure that the Parish Council announce that Wickham Skeith now has a Defibrillator.  You may well have seen the yellow defibrillator cabinet on the wall of the village hall.  Should you need to call for an emergency ambulance for someone who has collapsed with a suspected heart attack, they will tell you the code to enter into the keypad to access the defibrillator. 


The Parish Council is currently looking at training providers and, once organised, there will be a list of training sessions published that will be free for people to attend.  There will also be an opening ceremony for our Wickham Skeith Defibrillator - more details to follow.


The Parish Council thanks Cllr Freeman and all those involved with fund raising events, enabling the launch of this project.





The hedge around the carpark has been cut back and dead wood cleared, the store will be 'painted' and we hope to find a way to improve the kitchen through, perhaps, a render on the outside to help insulate it. Finally congratulations to the Lunch Club for another FIVE STARS and all users should note that it is important that we try to maintain the hall and facilities at a high standard but need everybody’s help to do this. Please report any breakages or shortages to Denise after use and we will endeavour to rectify them quickly.


Happy Springtime to you all-get those seeds and plants in now for the best display at the Show on August Bank Holiday!!






Village Emails:


Many of you will already receive emails from Nigel Merriam giving details of up and coming events in the village. If you are not already receiving them but would like to, please email Nigel at nhmerriam@btconnect.com They are sent as a blind carbon copy so your email remains private.




Wickham Skeith Village Hall Management Committee. Annual Report

We had some lovely weather in June which helped yield a very handy profit at the Fete, raising over £2300 - once again ably led by Katie Durrant and her team. Not to forget all those incredibly loyal friends and neighbours who turn up to help before, during and after the event. The team are committed to continue their good work, so please make sure you keep your diaries clear for 22nd of June (also 21st and 23rd!!).

We are not running so many events now, but concentrating on the ones we know work well. However we are always keen to hear suggestions of other things that might attract attention, especially if we get offers of help to run them. Currently we have a small committee of just seven, but quite a few willing people who are happy to contribute on an ad hoc basis. A few more committee members would be welcome.

In the last year we ran a very enjoyable Burns Night, organized by Margaret and Kevin; a table tennis tournament; garage sales organized by Margaret Horne (we have decided to run this every other year in future). The Produce show was held in August organized by Rosie and Carol of the Garden Club. Denise and her team had big turnouts in both the Halloween and Christmas party for children. In November the Hall hosted the Craft fair and in December it was packed for the annual quiz. Nearly 40 adults and children managed 5 miles on the Plum Pudding walk and in January the Curry Night attracted a good number of diners! Unfortunately we were forced to cancel the Horkey due to poor take up of tickets and the planned July Tea Party on the Green was put off due to the terrible weather.

Jocelyn and Verity have started a monthly Crafternoon Club that has attracted people to share their skills, working side by side in a wide variety of craft and art projects.  The Hall is still well used by Hilltops, the Lunch, Garden and History clubs;the Church held numerous fundraising events and on Wednesday afternoons you can now play table tennis to coincide with Tea and Chat.

This year’s project was to update and insulate the hall store. It needed insulation throughout, plastering and a new floor coat, which was completed by Tristan. New lighting and re-wiring were fitted, whilst re-installing of the dishwasher, shelving, skirting and decorating was all done by volunteers, primarily Dave and Leigh. The 49/59 Village Hall Lottery fund contributed a big proportion of this cost as well as funding a dozen new chairs. Our thanks to Jeanne Mason for this.

My thanks to all who have helped, in particular Kevin, running the bar, and Dave Challinor who has kept the maintenance up to a very high standard. I want to thank Denise Alexander, our caretaker and bookings secretary, Jocelyn Bryant (secretary), Katie Durrant (fete chair) and Harriet Bowes our Treasurer.      Nigel Merriam




Village Afternoon Tea and Chat

An informal gathering for tea and biscuits. Open to all, young and old; dogs welcome too. Afternoon tea at the village hall happens every Wednesday from 2-4pm except Lunch Club days. As much tea/coffee as you can drink for only £1.



All bookings of the Village Hall and its equipment should go to:

Denise Carle, 9, Grange Road, IP23 8NE. Telephone 01449 767838 or Email denise.alexander63@yahoo.co.uk

Hourly rate: £8.00 The rate is per hour or part thereof. Minimum booking period 2 hrs.

Day rate (24 hour period): £85.00. 25% reduction in rate for Wickham Skeith residents and Wickham Skeith village groups and organisations. Official bodies (e.g. elections): £200.00 per day. A 30 minute "warming up" period will be allowed in cold weather conditions.