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Friends of St.Andrews (FOSA)

The PCC was glad to receive the church building back from the builders on Thursday 18th July! A snagging list was drawn up and two men returned quickly to fix most of those little problems. For the next six months as we use the church we shall draw up a final list, holding back a small percentage of the cost until, in six months’ time, the project will be complete. 

The Fundraising group will take a few months to gather their thoughts and then will launch events again to raise funds for new heating and sound systems in church, which both collapsed as the project began. The electrician found that some of our power sources were wrongly wired to the lighting system too so they have been switched off until we can afford remedial action!

In the meantime if you have a moment do visit the church to see the changes – a totally re-built gallery, water supply, cess pit, accessible loo, servery, sink for flower arrangers and lots more power sockets, lights for the bell-ringers etc. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement – none of this would have happened without you - the people in this village and your friends.

With thanks from St Andrew’s Church PCC.





The Churchyard

After many years when volunteers maintained our churchyards so beautifully they have had to withdraw and we are very sorry to lose them. A contractor has been employed and has begun to mow and strim the churchyards fortnightly. Of course this has a cost to it, but we feel that the churchyards are important.

If any villagers would like to contribute towards this cost the PCC would be very grateful –offers to Liz Davidson please.

If there are any villagers who would be prepared to mow and strim the churchyard in 2020 fortnightly I’d be very glad to hear from them.

Thank you – Margaret 


Once current improvement works are completed FOSA will get active again. We are mostgrateful to the 'Gang of Four' who are enthusiastically fund raising for specific new facilities!

Sheila Wright