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Friends of St.Andrews (FOSA)

The fundraising committee made the mistake of planning two events the same weekend but we managed it and the lovely supporters of the church came to help us.


The Booksale on Friday 23rd November produced loads of new jigsaws and books, with delicious refreshments too. Friends from Stoke Ash, Finningham and Bacton supported us.


The next book sale will be on Saturday 26th January 2019, 10am to 11.30 am at No 1 Broadway. Everyone welcome.


The Stir-up on Saturday 24th November produced 60 lb of Christmas pudding mixture. There were Christmas decorations, a Christmas raffle, fresh truffles etc on offer and coffee/tea plus cake and savouries. Father Christmas was very loud but we ended up with a gorgeous pudding mix. Only 4 lb of the gluten-free mix remains so if you know of someone who needs a gluten-free pudding do suggest that they ring Margaret.


Thank you to everyone who has supported the church project during 2018.


Liz Davidson, Margaret Jones-Evans, Mary Paine and Jean Willoughby


The Stir-Up event for the church project funds went very well.  Those who came to watch had an entertaining time as they witnessed Father Christmas call out the instructions for the recipe, encouraging the stirrers to mix it all thoroughly and remove the lumps without spreading quantities of pudding mixture on to the tables. The five stirrers finished the morning with arm and back ache, as stirring 12lb of mixture in a large bowl is remarkably hard work, particularly as most domestic mixing bowls are only just big enough to handle such a quantity!  Our helper in the kitchen did a brilliant job of keeping up with the washing up at the same time as serving refreshments to the onlookers.

Most of the mixture sold on the morning, with a number of people who bought it in the last two years coming back again as the pudding was so good - it's an excellent WI recipe.  We use quality ingredients and the mixture was generously laced with brandy by Father Christmas.  However if you missed the fun, and didn't order in advance, there is still some mixture for sale, which Margaret Jones-Evans will have in her freezer by the time you read this.  If you would like to buy some, it is bagged in 1lb or 2lb quantities which could be split if required.  It costs £3 per lb and comes with cooking instructions.  There are also 2lb pudding basins available to purchase with the mixture if required.  Please get in touch with Margaret asap if you would like to buy. Please email to  


Once current improvement works are completed FOSA will get active again. We are most
grateful to the 'Gang of Four' who are enthusiastically fund raising for specific new facilities!

Sheila Wright