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Dog Mess

Please can dog walkers pick up after their dog(s) or, if that is too difficult, please kick off the paths. There has been an increase in dog mess on several of our paths and clearing up after your dog would both reduce the unsightliness of it and also save other walkers from that horrible slipping feeling as your foot slides on a recent offering.



Cakes at the Fete

Romaine, Jenny and Jeanne would like to thank all the kind people who donated cakes and pastries etc. for the cake stall. We had another very successful day.



49/59 Club -

The winning numbers for the 59 Club were 25th May: 24, 1st June: 42, 8th June: 43, 15th June: 29 and 22 June: 11.




Oil Syndicate – last call. Don’t forget that oil syndicate orders need to be with Jerry Bassett by 30 June. Details inside.



The Churchyard

After many years when volunteers maintained our churchyards so beautifully they have had to withdraw and we are very sorry to lose them. A contractor has been employed and has begun to mow and strim the churchyards fortnightly. Of course this has a cost to it, but we feel that the churchyards are important.

If any villagers would like to contribute towards this cost the PCC would be very grateful –offers to Liz Davidson 01449 766622 please.

If there are any villagers who would be prepared to mow and strim the churchyard in 2020 fortnightly I’d be very glad to hear from them.

Thank you – Margaret






 Fly tipping in Jessie’s Wood - again!

Round about Friday 17th May a load of rubbish was dumped in Jessie’s Wood. It consisted of 3 mattresses, 3 large armchairs, a divan base, some MDF and glass. This is the second time this has happened in the last six months.

Many of you will know what a special place Jessie’s Wood is - especially to us, her family. It is therefore quite upsetting to see it abused like that.

We would like to thank all of you who offered to help clear it away and especially to Andrew Stringer for finally getting it disposed of.

Sadly we are having to think about getting gates erected at both entrances to the wood to prevent it happening again. We will of course always leave enough room for walkers and riders to get through and to continue to enjoy it’s beauty

Joy and Geoff Homan.







Have you thought about taking up outdoor bowls?  Its good fun and you get a chance to make new friends.  Thorndon Bowls Club is looking for new members so if you feel like trying something new, why not come along on Wednesday May 1st. We are open from 2pm  for anyone who would like to have a go. There is no age limit; we have members from 20 – 80 years of age.


For more information call one of the following numbers and we can tell you more about it: Ann  or Margaret.








Mobile Library Service


Suffolk County Council’s mobile library van calls in the village every four weeks for you to collect, return and renew books and DVDs. Its nominated stop is in The Street. There has been some interest in the van stopping in the layby by the Chalet Bungalows. The Library Service is prepared to make an extra stop but it would need some timetabling changes. Please let me know before their next visit on 9 May if you would be interested in using this service. If there is sufficient interest, the changes could be introduced from July. Thank you. Melinda Appleby. 01449 766879 or





Our next meeting will be held at Kisumu Barn on Wednesday 26th June at 7.30pm. Huge apologies for the late cancellation of the previous meeting due to me having double-booked myself (it's my hectic social calendar, you see!)

Sheila Wright




Please remember that the need for donations of non-perishables continues to grow and will be even greater during the six-week school summer break when families may become desperate for help with catering for hungry youngsters. There is a red plastic box for donations in the Village Hall (the Church food box is temporarily out of commission while work in St. Andrew's proceeds).  




Suffolk Walking Festival

For 2019 discover an amazing array of walks and events in parts of Suffolk you never knew existed.

The programme starts on Saturday 11th May. More details in brochures from Visitor Information Points and Libraries or on the web:







Defibrillator Funding


We have a crowd funding page on “Just Giving”

Any of us, and our friends and family, can make online donations here:







For residents wishing to book a journey, please call 01449 614271

up to a week before you would like to travel. 


Customer Services will be able to answer any questions that you may have

(but should you encounter any problems booking services,

 please call Cllr Andrew Stringer direct on 07545 423842 or 01449 780349).





Tai Chi in Wickham Skeith

New Beginners’ class starts Friday February 1st at 3pm in the Village Hall and every week thereafter. All welcome, just turn up, £5 per session.

Why not work on that New Year’s resolution to improve your health?






The traditional orchards of the East of England are coming under scrutiny in a new Heritage Lottery funded landscape project. Orchards are an integral part of our historic landscape, but have been relatively poorly researched. They are important for landscape and biodiversity as well as being valuable to people and their local environment. The project team, based at the University of East Anglia, will survey and record traditional orchards, and research the history of fruit growing in the region. The project will also involve the restoration of important old orchards, and the creation of entirely new ones. It builds on the recent work of the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group.

As part of the project, volunteers are asked to survey their parish for any remaining old orchards. What orchards still exist and what fruit varieties do they contain? Over the late summer and autumn I will be around the village recording any orchards that survive and asking to record which fruit varieties still grow there. If you would like further information, would like to help with the survey or talk to me about an old orchard that you own, please contact me on

After the survey, the Parish Council will give further consideration to the plan to create a new community orchard on the Little Green. Thank you – Melinda Appleby

Churchyard Rules

For the sake of safety please would all churchyard users remember that cut flowers on graves should be in a holder which is part of the headstone or in a metal (preferably aluminium) holder that is sunk into the ground with the top flush with ground level.  Glass containers and jam jars are not allowed because they break easily and then become a hazard for people & animals. 

Each grave should be kept tidy or be easy to mow. Stuart Wilson does an excellent job of maintaining our churchyard, for which he deserves our grateful thanks, and it is up to all of us to ensure that the task isn’t any harder than it has to


Village Website

The village website has been migrated onto a new address and Stephen McKie is working hard to make it a helpful place for information about the village, parish council, clubs and events.

The new address is:

Thanks to Stephen McKie and Julie Sore who put the village content of this newsletter onto the website for us.


Fly Tipping in Jessie's Wood

30 September 2018



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Network Rail - Level Crossings

19 March 2017

Paynes Level Crossing (S17)

Network Rail have been working to reduce the risk that level crossings pose. The Paynes Level Crossing (S17) is located in the parish of Gislingham on Footpath 22 and it is proposed to close the level crossing, extinguishing Footpath 22 between Footpath 26 and Footpath 4, diverting users to the adjacent bridge to the north. On the western side of the railway, users would access the bridge via the existing footpath network. On the eastern side, a new 2m wide footpath would be created in the field margin between Footpath 22 and Footpath 21 (as shown on map).

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Healthwatch Suffolk calls for your stories of care in the county

1 April 2016

Healthwatch Suffolk has the power to shape, influence and improve local NHS and social care services in the county. It is independent from the NHS and social care, which means you can be honest when sharing your views.

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Hedges and Verges

1 February 2016

It would appear that many local parishes are unhappy with the roadside services currently being supplied by Suffolk County Council and this issue is being addressed directly with our County Councillor, Andrew Stringer.

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