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Residents will be aware of recent flooding incidents, particularly along The Street and Daisy Green Lane. Flooding issues, responsibilities and self-help were discussed at the last two Parish Council meetings. If you own land or property next to a stream or ditch you are a “riparian landowner.” Suffolk County Council’s guidance sets out rights and responsibilities for landowners. The full guidance is available on SCC’s website www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport Search for flooding and drainage.


Toad Patrol – Volunteers Needed

Toads are very particular about where they breed and often migrate back to their ancestral breeding ponds. They follow the same route, regardless of what gets in their way, which in Wickham Skeith leads to them crossing roads around the Grimmer. We get a toad vs traffic scenario and the toads inevitably come off worse. With spring arriving and the weather turning milder, volunteers from Wickham Skeith are gearing up to visit the site during February and March, depending on weather. We will carry toads over the busy road to help them reach the pond. The toad is experiencing declines in the UK of nearly 70% in the last 30 years. Our village population has declined from an annual count of over 1000 helped to a couple of hundred.

There is a Toad Patrol rota so that each night one or two volunteers go out once a week during the migration period. We have gaps in our rota for 2024 so if you are interested in helping, please contact Melinda (details on back of newsletter) for further information and to be added to the rota.


 Thank You

Derek, Paul and Daphne would like to express their most sincere thanks to everyone who helped in making the church look so lovely for the recent funeral of Barbara Martin.

Thank you to everyone who attended her funeral, the bell ringers and Mr & Mrs Palmer for the use of the meadow on the day for parking.


Vehicle Speed Readings.

In the last six months over 265,000 vehicle movements have been recorded in The Street by our Speed Indicator Devices (SID). The new SID is working well and is indicating a slight reduction in speeding. However, traffic is still high in volume and on average travelling between 40-50mph. Thank you to Nigel Merriam who has installed, and manages, our new SID.



New Grant from District Council

The Cosy Homes installation project  includes funding for loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and draft proofing works. For more information visit: https://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/web/mid-suffolk/w/mid-suffolk-cosy-homes



Update on flood support payments

The District Council is currently contacting all householders who registered a flood onto the County Council  reporting tool. So no further action is needed as long as you reported that your property was flooded. Register here by end December if not done so: https://highwaysreporting.suffolk.gov.uk/



Flood Message from Dr Dan Poulter

The Flood Recovery Framework provides support for immediate flood recovery costs. This funding is passed to councils to distribute to householders. It includes a Community Recovery Grant of up to £500 per household for immediate flood recovery costs;  Council Tax discounts of up to 100% for the time householders remain living outside their flood affected homes and up to £5000 to ‘future-proof’ the home against future flooding. Apply through your local council. See website address on Parish Council page.


Dr Poulter continues that more rain is forecast so to remain vigilant. You can sign up for free flood warnings at https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings  or call Flood Line on 0845 988 1188




Wickham Skeith Oil Syndicate - how it works


Our oil scheme has been running for 13 years now and over that period has saved the village tens of thousands of pounds.  The vast majority of oil users in the village are already members but if you’re not and want to join, just drop me an email with contact details or give me a call if you don’t have email.


There’ll be five opportunities to place orders over the next 12 months.


On or before:

-  30 September

-  30 November

-  31 January

-  31 March

-  30 June


Before each of these dates I’ll place a reminder in the village newsletter and also send you an email reminder.  Then let me know by email (or phone) that you’d like to be included in the next order. I’ll need to know:

- address and telephone number(s) - unless you’ve ordered before

- quantity required (min 500 litres)

- any special instructions - eg concerning delivery

Within a couple of days of the above dates, a bulk order will be placed with the oil company which offers the best deal, which is usually several pence per litre lower than the price available to customers who order individually.  I'll let you know the same day:
- the name of the company

- price

- expected delivery date

- the company's contact details in case you need to speak to them directly

I'll pass your address and phone numbers to the company which will contact you (but normally only if you don't already have an account with them) and they’ll bill you directly.


If you've any questions please ring Jerry on 765908 or email jerrybassett@icloud.com










Living Well in Winter fund

31 January 2024


Mid Suffolk District Council Community Grants – Living Well in Winter Fund


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Riparian Land Ownership

31 January 2024

Riparian ownership in Suffolk


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31 January 2024

As many of will be aware, there is a proposal to bring a new string of pylons from Norwich to Tilbury to carry the power that will be generated by a vast proposed array of turbines situated in the north sea.  The current route takes them down the western side of the village less than a mile from the village boundary.  As a result we will have pylons on both sides of the village.  

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Community Action Suffolk

11 September 2021

Do you run, lead or host an organisation or activity which plays a key role in your community? Do you need help with funding, training or support after the pandemic?  If so, see this information from Community Action Suffolk.CAS poster


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Pop Up Gallery

9 May 2021

Pop-Up Gallery

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