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Welcome to Jim and Lauren and family who have moved into the Old Shop on the village green. We hope you will be very happy here.



Celebration Lunch


You are invited to a Buffet Lunch at 12.30pm in the Memorial Hall on Sunday 24th March, hosted by Sheila and Ron Wright. We want to celebrate 49 years in this fine village, also Sheila's 80th and our forthcoming 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary (strictly, NO GIFTS for these happenings, just come along and share a sociable hour or so among friends and neighbours).

   We will provide a cake and fruit punches both alcoholic and teetotal, plus a few basics so no-one goes hungry. If you want to join us, please bring a plate of finger food or a bottle of liquid refreshment.

   There will be a Raffle, and a Bring-&-Buy table. Any proceeds from these will be shared between the Village Hall and St. Andrew's Restoration Fund.

  All welcome, put the date in your diary now!





Very best wishes to Molly Gurney who celebrated her 100th birthday in January.
Molly (Sue Mayer's mother) lived in St. Andrew's Close for many years before moving to Steeple View, Stowupland.




Alan Lummis


Dear People of Wickham Skeith

Our family have just lost a much loved and admired relative. You have all lost a dear friend and gentleman. For those of you who didn’t hear my ramblings at the wake, on behalf of Mother and my brothers, I would like to thank you all for everything you did for Alan whilst he was still with us, and after his passing.


Being over two hours away it was very heart-warming knowing that so many of you were looking out for him when we couldn’t be there.

We managed to do a few jobs for him in the past but he would never ask for anything. He was always just pleased to see us.


The assistance you have all given us since his passing has been amazing. It’s so pleasing to know that there are still so many kind people amongst us.

He certainly couldn’t have had a better send off. The wake was truly incredible. Thank you to everyone that came together to make it so memorable.

We hope to keep our ties with the village alive and remain friends with you all.

Many thanks again Adrian Percival




Alan Lummis’ Drawings


Following Alan Lummis' funeral on 10th December 2018 there was a display in the Village Hall of many of his pictures and booklets of all currently known drawings.  The result of this was that after costs a total of £150.00 has been sent to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust which was one of Alan's chosen charities.

There are still pictures and booklets available for anyone to buy.  Please contact Julie Sore:  Again, profits after costs will be sent to the Wildlife Trust.  Thank you.





Grimmer Working Party

A big thanks to the band who worked on the annual tree work on the Green before Christmas. It is important to keep on top of things and we may have another session before growth starts in the Spring. It may well be at short notice-or midweek as well so look out for messages.




 WWI Roll of Honour


At the History Group November meeting there was general support for the idea of producing a Roll of Honour to remember all from the village who served in the First World War. To this end a working party has been set up comprising Pete Davidson, Romaine Elsden & Kevin Knights to progress this.

Our initial ideas are that this project should comprise:

1. A framed Roll of Honour with the names of those from the village who served in WWI to be placed in the Church &/or the Village Hall.

2. A file of information to be provided on display to give additional information on those remembered.

3. This information to be made available online.

We would welcome ideas &/or offers of help with this project. If you would like to be involved please contact Pete Davidson



Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2018    Mendlesham & District.


This year commemorated the centenary of the armistice of the First World War and there have been many fitting and poignant acts of Remembrance held in this country and across the world to honour the event. I was hoping we would do really well to mark this year and we have, with a truly fabulous amount collected.


A big thank you to all involved, my wonderful committed collectors, the support from our local businesses and to all of you who gave so generously.

 A record amount for the District. Well Done to all!


GRAND TOTAL £2986.00    of which                                                                                                      Wickham Skeith raised        £   646.15    

Jacquie Nash. Poppy Appeal Organiser





Wickham Skeith Parish Council has been successful in our application to the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme for help with funding towards the provision of a Defibrillator in Wickham Skeith.

Our project, along with the other two successful projects in our region, will go forward to a vote in Tesco stores where their customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. 


Voting will take place from Tuesday, 1st January 2019 to Thursday, 28th February 2019 and we will be notified of possible funding at the end of March 2019.

A list of stores taking part in the voting on our project is shown below and we would encourage residents to shop at these Tesco stores during the January and February 2019 (you will receive a token at the till which can be deposited against our Defibrillator project): 

4351    Aldeburgh Saxmundham, IP15 5JA - Express
5210    Diss, IP22 4JN  - Superstore
6608    Saxmundham, IP17 1EP – Superstore


If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact Tara Goodacre, Parish Clerk, on 01449 768696 or Margarita Wade, Parish Councillor, on 01449 767009.



Defibrillator Funding


We have a crowd funding page on “Just Giving”

Any of us, and our friends and family, can make online donations here:







For residents wishing to book a journey, please call 01449 614271

up to a week before you would like to travel. 


Customer Services will be able to answer any questions that you may have

(but should you encounter any problems booking services,

 please call Cllr Andrew Stringer direct on 07545 423842 or 01449 780349).





Tai Chi in Wickham Skeith

New Beginners’ class starts Friday February 1st at 3pm in the Village Hall and every week thereafter. All welcome, just turn up, £5 per session.

Why not work on that New Year’s resolution to improve your health?




Hot water bottles .............Did you know?

Just before Christmas, my daughter Sophie, who lives in France, filled a hot water bottle and hugged it to her chest. Suddenly she was scalded by very hot water from a split in the hot water bottle. She had very nasty burns which needed hospital treatment and daily dressing for 10 days. 

Did you know that on every hot water bottle is the year of manufacture? I didn’t.

It is a circular symbol, on the ‘shoulder’ or neck of the bottle with a number inside it. This is the year of manufacture. The recommendation is to check regularly and to renew within a year or two and especially if it shows any sign of wear/perishing.

I have checked mine and thrown one away. Sophie is only glad that she did not give it to one of her children and would not want anyone else to be burned like that.

Joy Homan



Body Warmer .......... is it yours?

We seem to have acquired a body warmer that doesn’t belong to us! We found it hanging in the hall a while before Christmas.

Obviously someone called and went without it!

It is a large size, Fat Face make, padded, maroon in colour with a grey/green lining and grey ‘astrakhan’ type trim.

If it is yours please give me a ring. (It’s too big for me!)

Joy Homan



The traditional orchards of the East of England are coming under scrutiny in a new Heritage Lottery funded landscape project. Orchards are an integral part of our historic landscape, but have been relatively poorly researched. They are important for landscape and biodiversity as well as being valuable to people and their local environment. The project team, based at the University of East Anglia, will survey and record traditional orchards, and research the history of fruit growing in the region. The project will also involve the restoration of important old orchards, and the creation of entirely new ones. It builds on the recent work of the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group.

As part of the project, volunteers are asked to survey their parish for any remaining old orchards. What orchards still exist and what fruit varieties do they contain? Over the late summer and autumn I will be around the village recording any orchards that survive and asking to record which fruit varieties still grow there. If you would like further information, would like to help with the survey or talk to me about an old orchard that you own, please contact me on

After the survey, the Parish Council will give further consideration to the plan to create a new community orchard on the Little Green. Thank you – Melinda Appleby

Churchyard Rules

For the sake of safety please would all churchyard users remember that cut flowers on graves should be in a holder which is part of the headstone or in a metal (preferably aluminium) holder that is sunk into the ground with the top flush with ground level.  Glass containers and jam jars are not allowed because they break easily and then become a hazard for people & animals. 

Each grave should be kept tidy or be easy to mow. Stuart Wilson does an excellent job of maintaining our churchyard, for which he deserves our grateful thanks, and it is up to all of us to ensure that the task isn’t any harder than it has to


Village Website

The village website has been migrated onto a new address and Stephen McKie is working hard to make it a helpful place for information about the village, parish council, clubs and events.

The new address is:

Thanks to Stephen McKie and Julie Sore who put the village content of this newsletter onto the website for us.


Fly Tipping in Jessie's Wood

30 September 2018



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Network Rail - Level Crossings

19 March 2017

Paynes Level Crossing (S17)

Network Rail have been working to reduce the risk that level crossings pose. The Paynes Level Crossing (S17) is located in the parish of Gislingham on Footpath 22 and it is proposed to close the level crossing, extinguishing Footpath 22 between Footpath 26 and Footpath 4, diverting users to the adjacent bridge to the north. On the western side of the railway, users would access the bridge via the existing footpath network. On the eastern side, a new 2m wide footpath would be created in the field margin between Footpath 22 and Footpath 21 (as shown on map).

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Healthwatch Suffolk calls for your stories of care in the county

1 April 2016

Healthwatch Suffolk has the power to shape, influence and improve local NHS and social care services in the county. It is independent from the NHS and social care, which means you can be honest when sharing your views.

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Hedges and Verges

1 February 2016

It would appear that many local parishes are unhappy with the roadside services currently being supplied by Suffolk County Council and this issue is being addressed directly with our County Councillor, Andrew Stringer.

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