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Arthritis Action Online Groups

Arthritis Action have asked us to publicize their Online Arthritis Action Groups. They are an opportunity for people with arthritis to talk with others and share tips on how to manage arthritis and stay active whilst at home, including a variety of self-management techniques. New members welcome. Contact Arthritis Action directly for the log in instructions and Zoom guide.
East Anglia Groups:
Afternoon: 16th February 2pm
Evening: 4th March 6pm
Morning: 5th March 10:30 am

Severe Weather

The Met Office has issued a Yellow for the whole of Suffolk until 2359 Weds 10th Feb. Strong winds and drifting are likely to continue to cause localised issues.  More here.

Thefts from Outbuildings

We have received reports of some outbuildings being broken into in the village.  Please make sure your outbuildings are secure.  Suffolk Police provide some guidance on this here:




Suffolk Constabulary Logo 




Keeping your home safe | Suffolk Constabulary

Keeping your home safe. Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves who will search a neighbourhood for homes that look empty or dark, with access to back gardens.







NHS Suffolk are hosting a virtual community event about COVID – so that anyone can put their questions about the COVID-19 pandemic to a panel of experts from local health and care services and community leaders.  They will also have the opportunity to hear local updates on the pandemic and how the vaccination process is being rolled out in the region.


The event will be hosted on Microsoft Teams on 21st January at 6.00-7.30pm.


You do not need to book a place in advance and can join by clicking the following link: https://sneevaccine.org.uk/event/


The expert panel will include Executive Lead Suffolk and North East Essex Integrated Care System, Dr Ed Garratt; Director of Public Health, Suffolk County Council, Stuart Keeble; Ipswich GP, Dr Juno Jesuthasan; local community leader Gulshan Kayembe; Business and Operations Director at Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality, Phanuel Mutumburi; CEO Healthwatch Suffolk, Andy Yacoub; and Chair, North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, Dr Hasan Chowhan.



 vaccinations 2



Teddy bear and quilt


Looking for something to do? 

The brightly lit neonatal baby unit in Norwich are using quilts to cover the incubators and make them darker at night.

They also need blankets made with a close knit stitch to wrap the babies in.

Any donations of both these items would be very welcome.  For measurements and further details ring Sue on 766222. 






~ M O L L Y   A L D O U S  J U L Y 1935 - S E P T E M B E R 2020~



Molly Aldous and her sons Freddie and Paul have lived in Daisy Green Lane since 2003, contributing in many ways to village life. Molly’s friendly smile was a joy to see in Lunch Club, History Club, Fete Days and St. Andrew’s Church. She was a gracious lady, always a pleasure to meet.

On October 13th Rev. Carl Melville conducted a Service of Thanksgiving for her life, at which Freddie gave a fine Eulogy in honour of his mother. Covid restrictions meant only thirty persons could be present, so below are some details of her life.

Molly was born in the flat above her father’s butcher’s shop in Tackett Street, Ipswich. Her parents Thomas and Ivy Burton had one child, Wendy. What a surprise for the family, when Molly’s arrival was followed by the birth of a twin sister –even the doctor was amazed! The family moved to Tunstall. When Molly and Betty were four, war was declared and life changed rapidly. How scary it was in the garden shelter where the family curled up under heavy oak tables during bombing raids. Soon the American Air Force Base, Bentwaters, surrounded their home and they moved to ‘The Four Horseshoes’ in Thornham where Ivy was landlady. Then to ‘The White Horse’ at Stoke Ash, where Ivy again ran the pub and Thomas worked in his butcher’s shop.

The twins attended Thorndon village school, then Eye Modern School. They were lively girls who owned a tandem bicycle which led to many tumbles as Betty steered from the front, while Molly did her independent best to steer from the back!  

Molly and Betty frequently sang and played the piano to entertain customers in the family pub. Sister Wendy married a US Serviceman moving to Kentucky and in 1961Bettyalso went to Kentucky with her US husband. In 1962, Molly married Roger Aldous, a local farmer whose family had previously lived in ‘The White Horse’. Roger served as a Guardsman during his National Service, and was on duty in The Mall for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

Molly became a very ‘hands on’ farmer’s wife at Lodge Farm, Thwaite. Roger’s family also owned Hall Farm, Stoke Ash, and later Roger acquired a third farm at Wyverstone.  Sadly, in 1983, Roger passed away suddenly, aged only 49. Molly continued running the farm and for twenty years she worked hard and kept things going with the support of her in-laws. In 2003, aged 68, she retired, sold the farms, and moved with her boys to ‘The Rowans’, Daisy Green.

Molly was a determined, independent person who never gave up, and there was plenty of fun in her life. There were frequent holidays with family and friends, in the UK, Europe and America where she visited her sisters and their families. Molly made sure she passed on her cooking and housekeeping skills to her boys, talking them through tasks, such as creating fine Yorkshire puds, from the comfort of her bed or chair. We all wish good fortune for Freddie and Paul and hope memories of a wonderful loving mother will sustain them as they adjust to life without Molly. She would be so proud of them now.  Well done, dear Molly, we will miss you.




~D E R I C  (DICK)  C A N F E R 1930 – 2020  ~



Dick died on 28th Sept having lived all his adult life in Wickham Skeith until he had to go into a home. He was always Dick; it was not until he went to into Mills Meadow at Framlingham, that he was called by his formal given name, though his wife Edna called him Deric, when she needed to make a point!

He worked at Place Farm for over 50 years, initially for Ernie Hammond, then for my father, prior to me taking over. Though he worked for me, I prefer to think he worked with me. It really was a pleasure to work with him. His demeanour was always light-hearted and quick witted. When asked by Radio Norfolk what was the best thing about working on the farm: he said “payday”! He received well deserved awards for his loyalty by getting both 30 and 50 year recognition of Long Service at the Suffolk Show.

He had so many talents across the full spectrum of farm work. Not only as a tractor/ combine driver, spray operator and pea harvester driver but as a motor mechanic with a full range of workshop skills. He also handled livestock calmly and sympathetically. When my brother Robin, aged four, fell into the water cart with just his feet showing above the water it was Dick who saved his life!

What really impressed me was that he thought like a farmer, I never needed to hustle him, sometimes he hustled me! He would say “If we are going to get this field drilled today we better get a move on!” We used to start at seven and if we had a busy day in front of us he would be in the field on his tractor by ten past. On those days when there was not so much pressure we would chat for half an hour before getting going. He knew what needed doing: preparing machinery, sharpening tools, welding repairs or sweeping up.

Dick had to retire from the farm when his wife Edna became ill, but continued to work part time. He looked after the garden for the Richards at the White House for quite a few years and I know they appreciated what he did. They have sent a glowing tribute.

He lived in Wickham Skeith from the age of 16, initially with his parents in the thatched cottage on The Green. He took over the tenancy when he married Edna before moving into Red House at the southern end of the Village. Both Edna and Dick were an integral part of the village. They were always there, especially in the early days, helping with the fete and most of the village events. Dick was called upon to do all sorts of jobs, he moved countless people from one house to another with a tractor and trailer, he often cut the Green and was involved when we took on the big job of cleaning out the Grimmer. In their latter years they ran the Tea and Chat on a Wednesday afternoon in the Hall.

Edna died 5 years ago and Dick had to go into a home. They were sorely missed from the village. I visited him regularly at Framlingham and really regret that I was unable to see him this last six months. For me, he has always been there and will never be forgotten.                                                                              Nigel Merriam



Make do and Friends artlink


Fancy losing yourself in a regular creative activity? Find what connects people in your village? Connect with others? 


From photography to drawing, creative writing and printmaking, Suffolk Artlink 

invite you to explore and enjoy different aspects of your surroundings as part of their new free rural arts programme.  


Delivered online or by post, visit: www.makedoandfriends.co.uk for more information. 





Coronavirus Update


It appears that the majority of people in the village have coped with the inconvenience of the measures imposed upon us by the pandemic and our authorities. Neighbours and volunteers have rallied round to give support where it was needed and the various delivery services have brought necessary items to our doors.


We do not know how much longer we will be under restrictions, but we just wanted to remind you that we have a list of keen, eager people who are happy to help out if needed. Please contact one of the following if you need any help: Margaret Jones-Evans: 767121, Liz and Pete Davidson: 766622, Jenny and Will Elphick: 766885, Nigel and Sue Merriam: 766222




Village Crafts


Jams and Chutneys

Thank you so much to everyone who has bought jam, chutney and mint jelly to raise funds for the church. You have been brilliant and I have sold out twice!

If anyone would be interested in a Mary Berry mincemeat for the freezer do get in touch with me on 01449 767121.


Face Coverings

Jos has asked me to say that she is happy to make more of her beautiful, comfortable face masks for a donation to the church and thanks all her customers for the money raised for the church. Phone her on 01449 766219


Greeting Cards

Liz Davidson is a card-maker who would like you to buy her cards for church funds. She has birthday, general and Christmas cards, all handmade. The cards may be seen at Liz’s home at the moment and she will not be offended if you don’t buy! Phone her on 01449 766622


The sale of jams and face coverings raised another £137 for St Andrew’s Church this month . THANK YOU.


Please stay safe everyone – with love and thanks from Margaret Jones-Evans 01449 767121




  Emma Cable    18 April 1932 – 14 Aug 2020

It is with great sadness that the village has learned of the death of a lovely lady: Emma Cable.


Emma Leeks was born in Essex but her mother died and Emma was placed with Barnardo’s. She came to Wickham Skeith as a baby and was fostered by Miss Hilda Lingley who lived in Mill House on the Green. After attending Wickham Skeith School she returned to Barnardo’s at the age of 14 to be trained in domestic work at Warlies, the domestic training school at Waltham Abbey.


At around this time Emma was called into the office to be informed that she had a twin brother, George, who had been briefly fostered in Wickham Skeith but then moved elsewhere. Such separations of siblings were not uncommon but to be unaware of a twin must have been difficult for Emma.


She worked for a time at the home of Miss Chavasse who was responsible for the whole of the girls' side of Barnardo's work; a lady who left a lasting impression on Emma. However, Wickham Skeith had a strong pull and Emma returned around 1950. Here she met and married Bill Cable in 1955 and they had 3 sons: Alan, John and David. Sadly Bill died in 1981 at only 48.


Emma was a regular at many village events, often in the company of her very good friend Patsy Norman (née Durrant) another Barnardo’s girl. Emma will be much missed and her passing brings to an end a 130 year connection of Wickham Skeith with Dr Barnardo’s.                                                                   Pete Davidson

 Emma Leeks and William Cable wedding


Alan Lummis (son of Barnardo’s girl), William Cable, Emma Leeks, Patricia Durrant (Barnardo’s girl), Rudolph Kischkel (husband of Barnardo’s girl).








                                                                               Healthwatch Suffolk Survey


Dear Parish Clerk,

I trust you are keeping safe and well. I am getting in touch because we have just launched a new project, with Healthwatch Essex, that aims to gather feedback from the public and also our local NHS and care workforce about use of digital services (appointment systems, online consultations, phone triage, remote visiting etc).

We help get the best out of health and social care services in Suffolk; improving them today and helping to shape them for tomorrow by engaging with people living here. We use the things you tell us about local care to influence the delivery and design of services in the county – not just for people who use them now, but for anyone who might need to use them in the future.

The aim of this project is to understand how the sudden increase in the use of technology during the pandemic has impacted upon people’s experiences of receiving, or providing, both NHS or social care. This is particularly important as we know many of these new means of access are here to stay, so we need to make sure they will work for those who will need and rely on them.  

I’d really appreciate any help to circulate the survey widely, either digitally or in your local newsletter. We are also keen to reach people from BAME communities and also those who may be ‘digitally excluded’, so any help to reach communities will really give us the best chance of achieving a diverse response.

If you need any further information about the survey, please get in touch. Lastly, if possible, I’d really appreciate it if you can let me know how you have shared the survey as that will help us to track reach and to report that to the ICS Board in our updates.

Many thanks






Elizabeth Storer

Community Development Officer



Add: 14 Hill View Business Park, Old Ipswich Road,Claydon, Suffolk IP6 0AJ

Tel: 01449 703949



Follow Healthwatch Suffolk on Twitter or Facebook











Nexus fostering Generic PosterA5 v3 2








 Historical Research Volunteer poster






Welcome to our village


We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those who have recently moved into our village. We hope that you will soon settle in and be very happy here.


We hope to meet you all over the next couple of months at the various events so please take a look through our calendar and come along or contact the various people whose details are given.











It is with great pleasure that the Parish Council announce that Wickham Skeith now has a Defibrillator.  


You may well have seen the yellow defibrillator cabinet on the wall of the village hall.  Should you need to call for an emergency ambulance for someone who has collapsed with a suspected heart attack, they will tell you the code to enter into the keypad to access the defibrillator. 


The Parish Council is currently looking at training providers and, once organised, there will be a list of training sessions published that will be free for people to attend.  There will also be an opening ceremony for our Wickham Skeith Defibrillator - more details to follow.


The Parish Council thanks Cllr Freeman and all those involved with fund raising events, enabling the launch of this project.




Jessie’s Wood


The gates for Jessie’s Wood are now in place - one at each entrance. 

We hope they will deter potential fly tippers.

We have done this reluctantly but feel that we must protect this special place.

However we continue to encourage walkers, dog walkers and horse riders, and those looking for some peace and tranquillity to go round the gates and into the wood.

We hope you understand.         Joy and Geoff





Dog Mess

Please can dog walkers pick up after their dog(s) or, if that is too difficult, please kick off the paths. There has been an increase in dog mess on several of our paths and clearing up after your dog would both reduce the unsightliness of it and also save other walkers from that horrible slipping feeling as your foot slides on a recent offering.


The Churchyard

After many years when volunteers maintained our churchyards so beautifully they have had to withdraw and we are very sorry to lose them. A contractor has been employed and has begun to mow and strim the churchyards fortnightly. Of course this has a cost to it, but we feel that the churchyards are important.

If any villagers would like to contribute towards this cost the PCC would be very grateful –offers to Liz Davidson 01449 766622 please.

If there are any villagers who would be prepared to mow and strim the churchyard in 2020 fortnightly I’d be very glad to hear from them.

Thank you – Margaret




Mobile Library Service


Suffolk County Council’s mobile library van calls in the village every four weeks for you to collect, return and renew books and DVDs. Its nominated stop is in The Street. There has been some interest in the van stopping in the layby by the Chalet Bungalows. The Library Service is prepared to make an extra stop but it would need some timetabling changes. Please let me know before their next visit on 9 May if you would be interested in using this service. If there is sufficient interest, the changes could be introduced from July. Thank you. Melinda Appleby. 01449 766879 or mappleby@tiscali.co.uk



















For residents wishing to book a journey, please call 01449 614271

up to a week before you would like to travel. 


Customer Services will be able to answer any questions that you may have

(but should you encounter any problems booking services,

 please call Cllr Andrew Stringer direct on 07545 423842 or 01449 780349).









The traditional orchards of the East of England are coming under scrutiny in a new Heritage Lottery funded landscape project. Orchards are an integral part of our historic landscape, but have been relatively poorly researched. They are important for landscape and biodiversity as well as being valuable to people and their local environment. The project team, based at the University of East Anglia, will survey and record traditional orchards, and research the history of fruit growing in the region. The project will also involve the restoration of important old orchards, and the creation of entirely new ones. It builds on the recent work of the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group.

As part of the project, volunteers are asked to survey their parish for any remaining old orchards. What orchards still exist and what fruit varieties do they contain? Over the late summer and autumn I will be around the village recording any orchards that survive and asking to record which fruit varieties still grow there. If you would like further information, would like to help with the survey or talk to me about an old orchard that you own, please contact me on mappleby@tiscali.co.uk

After the survey, the Parish Council will give further consideration to the plan to create a new community orchard on the Little Green. Thank you – Melinda Appleby

Churchyard Rules

For the sake of safety please would all churchyard users remember that cut flowers on graves should be in a holder which is part of the headstone or in a metal (preferably aluminium) holder that is sunk into the ground with the top flush with ground level.  Glass containers and jam jars are not allowed because they break easily and then become a hazard for people & animals. 

Each grave should be kept tidy or be easy to mow.


Village Website

The village website has been migrated onto a new address and Stephen McKie is working hard to make it a helpful place for information about the village, parish council, clubs and events.

The new address is:


Thanks to Stephen McKie and Julie Sore who put the village content of this newsletter onto the website for us.


Pop Up Gallery

9 May 2021

Pop-Up Gallery

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Ready Steady Census

22 February 2021

Ready, steady, census! 

The decennial census is almost upon us. 

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Severe Weather

8 February 2021

Met Office

The Met Office has issued a Yellow warning for the whole of Suffolk until 2359 Weds 10th Feb. Strong winds and drifting are likely to continue to cause localised issues.

Read more on Severe Weather

Covid 19 Vaccination News

21 January 2021

Here is an information poster that will offer guidance to the vaccination programme.

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