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Parish Council

The members of your Parish Council

Chairman: P. Wright

Vice Chairman: N. Merriam

Treasurer: B. Kemp


H Bowes

K Knights

M Blair

T Thorogood


Clerk to the council - Tara Goodacre - contact - 01449 768696

To view the Register of Interest for Parish Councillors, please click on the following link:

Allocation of Topics to Parish Councillors

as at November 2017


P Wright:        Chair + Housing, electoral issues and policing

N Merriam:      Vice Chair + Community Safety, Village Green, Fishing

B Kemp:         Treasurer + Finance, Auditing, Insurance

T Thorogood:  Health, Social Services, Local and Community Services

K Knights:       Education, Cultural and Leisure Issues

H Bowes:         Highways, Bus Service, Rights of Way (Public Footpaths)

M Blair:           Environment, Climate Change, Waste

M Appleby:      Tree Warden

All Members:     View General Correspondence, Reports, Consultation Documents for consideration etc within Circulation Files and report back at meetings as appropriate





Wickham Skeith
Parish Council
2 May 2018
I hereby give you notice that a meeting of Wickham Skeith Parish Council will be held at the Village Hall on
Monday, 14 May 2018 at 8.00 pm. The public and press are invited to attend.
Tara Goodacre
Parish Clerk
Annual Parish Meeting
1. Chair’s Welcome (to include Apologies for absence)
2. To confirm Minutes of Meeting held 8 May 2017
3. Village Forum: An opportunity for the public to raise any relevant issues to the Council
4. Reports:
4.1. Chair’s Report
4.2. Village Groups
5. Next Meeting: 13 May 2019
Annual Parish Council Meeting (AGM)
1. Election of Chair
2. Election of Officers
3. Chair’s Welcome (to include Apologies for absence)
4. To receive members Declaration of Interest on Agenda items
5. To confirm Minutes of Meeting held 12 March 2018
6. Reports:

    6.1.1 Internal Accounts Audit and Control review 2017/2018

    6.1.2 Annual Governance statement 2017/2018

    6.1.3 Final accounts approval 2017/2018

    6.1.4 Accounting statements

    6.1.5 Invoices for approval

    6.2  SCC - A Stringer

    6.3  MSDC - A Stringer

    6.4  Suffolk police

    6.5  Parish Clerk

    6.6. Parish Councillors

7. Correspondence Received
8. Planning Matters (to include any applications/decisions received after publication of this Agenda)
9. Matters for next Agenda and Any Other Business
10. Next Meeting: 9 July 2018


Parish Councillor Vacancy


 Kitchener Your village needs you

If you have read the Minutes of Wickham Skeith's Parish Council Meeting in this edition of the newsletter, you will have noticed that, sadly, Nigel Merriam will be stepping down as Parish Councillor at the next meeting, which is also the Annual Parish Meeting and AGM of the Parish Council.  Our greatest thanks go to Nigel for his time as Councillor and the huge contribution that he has made - his time, historical information and genuine passion for the village have been invaluable to the Parish Council over the many years that Nigel has been in office.

The Parish Council therefore will have a vacancy for a  

Parish Councillor

 from May 2018 and we would invite those interested in representing the community to contact  Tara Goodacre on 01449 768696 or via

 Your village really does NEED YOU and we would welcome interest from anyone currently residing within Wickham Skeith.

Tara Goodacre, Parish Clerk Wickham Skeith Parish Council




2017 10 09 Local plan flyer 1 P2



To download and print the Local Plan document please click HERE

The link as shown on page 1 of this document appears not to work,  Please try this one instead






The traditional orchards of the East of England are coming under scrutiny in a new Heritage Lottery funded landscape project. Orchards are an integral part of our historic landscape, but have been relatively poorly researched. They are important for landscape and biodiversity as well as being valuable to people and their local environment. The project team, based at the University of East Anglia, will survey and record traditional orchards, and research the history of fruit growing in the region. The project will also involve the restoration of important old orchards, and the creation of entirely new ones. It builds on the recent work of the Suffolk Traditional Orchards Group.

As part of the project, volunteers are asked to survey their parish for any remaining old orchards. What orchards still exist and what fruit varieties do they contain? Over the late summer and autumn I will be around the village recording any orchards that survive and asking to record which fruit varieties still grow there. If you would like further information, would like to help with the survey or talk to me about an old orchard that you own, please contact me on

After the survey, the Parish Council will give further consideration to the plan to create a new community orchard on the Little Green. Thank you – Melinda Appleby