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Community Resilience and Emergency Plan



Wickham Skeith

Parish Council


Community Resilience


Emergency Plan

Effective from August 2017

(to be reviewed annually following Parish Council AGM)


A Full Plan setting out action to be taken in the event of an emergency

affecting the community is held by Parish Council members.


This Plan sets out arrangements and contact details for emergencies affecting the community.




Emergency Contact Numbers:


Suffolk Joint Emergency Planning Unit 01473 265317 / 265314


Police                                           101 / 01473 613500


Suffolk County Council            0345 606 6067


Mid Suffolk District Council  0300 123 4000 0845 606 6170 / 01449 724500

outside of office hours            0808 168 7794             


Environment Agency Floodline 0345 988 1188


Gas                                                             0800 111999

Electricity                                        0800 783 8838

Anglian Water    0345 791 9155 / 0345 714 5145

Essex & Suffolk Water               0845 782 0999

UK Power Networks                     0800 316 3105

      from mobiles                             0333 323 2105


Why an Emergency Plan?

We hope our community will not have to cope with severe events such as floods, prolonged loss of water/power; major pollution events or contagious disease. The Resilience & Emergency Plan will help us be prepared if the worst happens and is held by the Parish Council who will coordinate a response.


Should any emergency arise in your ownhome or immediate vicinity which requires outside help, you should summon the Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance) by telephoning 999.  This Plan is for devastating events that affect the whole community.  Do not place yourself in danger or ask others to undertake any act that will place them in danger. The Emergency Services are still the best agency to undertake these tasks and must be called.


This plan covers the procedural arrangements for the parish of Wickham Skeith for responding to a known emergency, affecting or with the potential to affect, the population of the Parish. 


The Parish Council will attempt to:


  • Establish, if possible, a communication link with the Emergency Services and consolidate local information and, as best able, pass that information to outside organisations and/or residents. 
  • In the event of the Parish becoming isolated, undertake the co-ordination of effort to sustain the local community. 
  • Provide an overview of the essential requirements of the Parish to survive and recover from the emergency. 
  • Maintain a log of significant events which can then be used in assisting the Emergency Services and reviewed following the event.  


General Information:

Evacuation:  In the event of evacuation, the Village Hall is the designated refuge.  Your health and safety are paramount so please do not forget to bring any medication with you.  If there is time, you might wish to bring essentials to make your stay more comfortable.  Please leave pets/livestock shut up where possible and with extra food and water.  If the Village Hall is unavailable, the Parish Council of Mendlesham have offered Mendlesham Community Centre as an alternative refuge (subject to the scale of the emergency as their own community may also be affected and require refuge).

Medical Assistance: There are a number of residents with medical knowledge living in the village.                 

Quarantine: In the event that Wickham Skeith is quarantined, arrangements will be made with the Emergency Services: If necessary, a meeting will be called at the Village Hall (please only send one representative per household). 

Power Failure:  Cordless phones will not work. Corded phones will work unless the telephone exchange is without power, so until the batteries run out the internet should be accessible.  Smartphones with satellite internet connection will also work until the batteries run out.


Local Skills and Resources Assessment


Local Police:

Community Police – Community Information Hotline      01284 774100


First Aiders:

GP: Dr Nicholas Redman                                                   01449 768957



Bacton:                                                                                 01449 781777

Botesdale Health Centre:                                                   01379 898295

Eye Health Centre                                                               01379 870689

Mendlesham Health Centre                                               01449 767722



Heath Road, Ipswich                                                           01473 712233

West Suffolk, Bury St Edmunds                                         01284 713000


Local Services:

Councillor: Andrew Stringer                    01449 780339/ 07774 199061

Milkman/Deliveries: Suffolk Dairies Ltd                             01449 676746

Carpenter: Simon Pyke                                                      07711 100026

Miles Downard, Mill Farm:                      07887 752267/ 01449 766680



Cedarwoods Vets, Coombes House, Stowmarket Business Park

  Needham Road, Stowmarket, IP14 2AH                        01449 676966

Deans, 63 Old Street, Haughley                                        01449 673366

Stowe Vets, 54 Bury Road, Stowmarket                           01449 613130

Uplands Way Vets, Uplands Way, Diss                           01379 642865

Cherry Tree Vets, Cherry Tree Stables, Roydon Road, Diss 01379 870999

Oakwood Veterinary Group, 19 Church Street, Eye       01379 852146



Four Horseshoes, Thornham (8 rooms)                         01379 678777

White Horse, Stoke Ash (11 rooms)                                 01379 678222


Taxi Service:

Stowmarket Cab Co:                                                           01449 677777

Diss Taxis:                                                                            01379 640900

                                                                                               01379 652014

                                                                                               01379 414141


Community Car Service:                                                 01379 871200


First steps in an Emergency


  • Call 999 (unless already alerted)
  • Ensure you are in no immediate danger
  • Contact a member of the Community Emergency Group (Parish Council) listed below


Community Emergency Group Contacts

The Community Emergency Group includes members of the Parish Council

(correct as at August 2017):


Paul Wright (Chairman)                                                                                        07921 292233

2 Broadway, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8LT

Nigel Merriam (Vice Chairman)                                                                          

 01449 766222

West House, The Street, Wickham Skeith   IP23 8HE                                     

 07889 692328

Barry Kemp (Treasurer)                                                                                      

  01449 766813

Amberside, The Street, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8LP

Kevin Knights (Parish Councillor)                                                                    

01449 767708

6 Grange Road, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8NE

Harriet Bowes (Parish Councillor)                                                                     

01449 766708

Place Farm, The Green, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8LX

Mike Blair                                                                                                                   01449 766640

Sarah’s Folly, Grange Road, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8NF

Tim Thorogood

Starhouse Farm, Thornham Magna, IP23 8HE                                                 

01449 766757

Tara Goodacre (Parish Clerk)                                                                             

01449 768696 

Broadway House, Broadway, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8LT                               

07799 403098

Tree Warden: Melinda Appleby                                                                       

01449 766879

Haymead House, The Street, Wickham Skeith, IP23 8LP


The Community Emergency Group also includes members of the Care Group whose contact details are retained by the Parish Council.


Key Locations:




Potential usage in an emergency

Contact details

 Village Hall

Wickham Skeith

Rest Centre/safe


Denise Alexander (Caretaker/

Bookings Officer): 01449 767838

7 St Andrews Close

St Andrew’s


Wickham Skeith

Rest Centre/safe


Liz Davidson: 01449 766622

Jean Willoughby: 01449 766621

Mendlesham Community Centre


Substitute rest


Mendlesham Parish Clerk

Sharon Jones: 01449 766139