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Hilltop Outing:-We called at Foundry Plant Centre for a comfort stop, plant buying and coffee, before heading off to Holt on the scenic route. A most enjoyable few hours there, for lunch and shopping, and then to Wiveton Café (Normal for Norfolk) for afternoon tea and a gallop(!) round the garden, before taking a more direct route home. Thanks to all who came and to Sue Merriam for organising it all.

Summer Break now.


Meet up again in the Village Hall on September 10that 7:45pm with a presentation, possibly practical, about foraging. The competition will be a holiday postcard, and if you need to bring anything for a practical session we will let you know. Thanks to all the committee for their planning and enthusiasm this year.

Details about our women's group from Margaret Knights or Sue Merriam. Put it on your calendar for September!