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Hilltop Women's Group

Our brief AGM followed an informative presentation by a representative from the Blossom Appeal from Ipswich Hospital Breast Cancer Unit. She outlined the fundraising targets and hopes for a new centre within the hospital and progress so far. We were pleased to return the collecting box and a cheque towards the goals.

Our charity for the coming year was voted for and we are supporting Brainy Dogs. It is a project run by Headstart in Ipswich. They select dogs from the rehoming kennels and then train them with the assistance of the residents at Hollesley Bay to be companion dogs to people with brain injuries or mental health issues. There is a Brainy Dog in Wickham Skeith already who is called Amber and is the companion dog for Stuart. Please check the Headstart website for more information.

The AGM was brief and I, Margaret Knights, received a lovely voucher to mark the occasion of my 20 year stint as chairperson and my resignation from the role. With no volunteer stepping forward it was agreed to run the club on co-operative lines, with the committee sharing presentations, organisation and responsibilities in order to secure the future for at least another two years.

If you would like to come to one of our monthly events, in the Village Hall, for women of all ages, why don't you come along? Over the years we have tackled salsa dancing, been amazed by craftsmen and women, seen places where the more adventurous have travelled to, made all manner of useful/decorative/edible items and generally had a good time. It has been a good 20 years and I'm looking forward to whatever else we have in store. I have made lovely friends and got to know many neighbours. Thank you.

On Tuesday 14th May at 3pm we have our mystery trip. If you wish to join us we leave from the Village Hall car park at 3pm. We will have volunteer drivers. Refreshments will be available to purchase at our destination. We should be home by 7pm. Further information about the Group please contact Margaret Knights or Sue.